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"Aspiring to Inspire" these are the words Joy would use in reference to the posts she writes. 

Born and raised in the mountains of Montana, Joy is a strong spirit with a fierce and determined personality. An active EMT and Firefighter she daily challenges the norm of tradition. A warrior with the heart of a Story-teller. "Growing up, I loved books and just devoured them! I was always in awe of the writer who could just hook me with their word and make me feel things! My love of words and stories has always been a driving factor in my life."

And here, among these pages, lie some of the words that show the realities and struggles of daily life.

Joy's hope, is that through her writing, she can be an encouragement and hope for others. "Sometimes the most powerful life changer, is just knowing you aren't alone" says Joy "and that's what I want to do for people here."


An ever changing Gallery where you get to see a little of what I do and the story behind it.


Things you might see:


  • firefighting

  • Community Auto Shop

  • Health

  • Daily Living 


Bridger Canyon Fires

I had the honour of being on one of the craziest fires of my life during the summer of 2020.

A natural caused fire in perfect conditions, everything that could go wrong did. 

With thousands of acres burned and the homes of friends and families destroyed it was a fight for our own survival and for the survival of our homes and livelihoods

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